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International Associate Benefits

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) has the tools to assist you in developing and advancing your global immigration law practice. As an International Associate of AILA, you will have opportunities to expand your network, further develop your business, and share your expertise in international law with practitioners from around the world.

The Global Migration Section (GMS) is a community of AILA members and International Associates who are interested in furthering the practice of global migration. The Global Migration Section provides a forum and a means for members to share ideas and information and to receive mentorship and education on global migration-related issues. As an International Associate of AILA you will be automatically enrolled in GMS and placed on its listserve. Further benefits include access to country-specific bulletins and profiles, the GMS E-Bulletin, quarterly section calls, and placement on the International Lawyer List.

Apply online for International Associate status. If you have any questions about membership or AILA in general, please feel free to contact the AILA membership department by e-mail.

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