A Special Edition of the AILA Law Journal Celebrates #AILA75Years


The Spring 2022 edition of the AILA Law Journal is a very special one indeed! That’s why we wanted to take a few minutes and walk you through this edition.

First, read through and be inspired by the interview between our editor-in-chief Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia and current AILA President Allen Orr, as they share some of their personal stories and offer a comprehensive description of the rest of the journal.

Then we encourage you to hear from our members about their experiences with AILA, their concerns for their clients, and their desire to see the beauty around us via our special pieces in this edition, such as:

Over the next several weeks, we will also share reflections on the other articles in the journal including:

Thank you for joining us in celebrating AILA’s 75 Years and in learning more about immigration law and policy, as well as connecting with our members through creative and personal writing.