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Fan Letters to AILA Members’ Favorite Resources

As we continue to celebrate our 75th anniversary year, we asked members to share a fan letter to their favorite AILA resource, in two or three sentences, or haiku form.  Read about five favorites in this blog post and explore other resources on today!

“Dear AILA Team:

My BIG THANK YOU is based on my practice areas of employment and family immigration matters.

Your Practice Pointers are THE BEST, the Client Flyers are such a treat, the Ethics questions are super helpful, and one of the last technology seminars that gave us the new way of taking screenshots (Win+Shift+S) was a life improvement 😊

The Free Roundtables and the ability to listen to seminar recordings with CLEs a short time later for free is greatly appreciated. I also love the GMS and Federal Court Litigation Section! Amazing groups with awesome resources.

I feel AILA has my immigrant clients’ and my practice’s best interest in mind with the services provided.” – Elke Roth, AILA South Florida Chapter

Members Who Guide and Help

Clarifying What Is Mud

Through Business List Serve

  • Jennifer A. Minear, AILA DC Chapter

“I am a huge fan of the collegiality and helpfulness of our members, all of whom share ideas and insights with each other to help our profession grow and evolve. Whether that’s on the Message Center, through a roundtable, or with a tried-and-true ‘listserv’ question and answer chain, there are so many ways we can talk to each other and share expertise. Collectively, those are my favorite resource.” – Fiona McEntee, AILA Chicago Chapter

“One of AILA’s under-appreciated yet publicly accessible resources is the ever-growing range of videos on the association’s YouTube channel. I encourage my colleagues to subscribe to the channel; that way, new content is spotlighted for them every time they open the YouTube app, without any need to search on their part.” – John Manley, AILA Southern California Chapter

On a rainy day

AILA University

Can be a true friend

  • Grace Woods, AILA National Staff


Want to learn more about AILA’s 75 years and the celebration coming up at AILA’s Annual Conference in NYC June 15-18? Take a look around our special 75th anniversary website!