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AILA University

AILA is pleased to offer a variety of eLearning resources! These resources will be part of AILA University, which will consist of online courses, video tutorials, and other eLearning resources designed to meet the expanding needs of members in the present and future as these educational offerings are no longer confined to a specific time or location. They can be viewed at a convenient time and location, and on a device of your choosing. Please keep an eye on this page as we announce new eLearning opportunities.

We're excited to announce the official launch of AILA University (AILA U). Please take a moment to visit the AILA University website and learn about all the features this new learning platform has to offer!

Visit AILA University

Here is a brief overview of all the learning options that AILA U has to offer:


    AILA University offers a robust lineup of regularly scheduled live video roundtables, free to all AILA members. Using Zoom, a free videoconferencing technology, you can join in discussions via webcam or phone. In general, AILA’s live video roundtables feature a 20-minute introduction by the discussion leaders, followed by 40 minutes of discussion among the participants on the call.

  • TUTORIAL VIDEOSFREE Resource for AILA Members

    The AILA University tutorial video library will launch with close to 100 "how-to" videos, with new content added weekly. These short tutorial videos (3 to 6 minutes in length), are free to all AILA members, covering real-world issues in an easily searchable format. Viewers will get answers quickly and efficiently and will be directed to applicable regulations, practice resources and additional resources for further guidance and deeper learning on the issue.


    AILA University's self-paced, online courses provide 10 to 20 hours of interactive, personalized content and include a mix of instructional videos, quizzes, readings, sample documents, discussion forums, and exercises for hands-on practice.


    AILA’s Professional Advancement Programs will provide participants with comprehensive, in-depth options for enhancing skills in specific areas of immigration law and gaining recognition within the AILA community. (Launching at a later date.)

  • To maintain AILA’s high educational standards, all AILA University products are reviewed annually by an AILA member committee. Members also will be directed to notify AILA of any content issues that need to be reviewed and/or updated ahead of the annual review.

    Many thanks to the AILA staff who worked tirelessly on the AILA University launch and to the AILA University Committee for their continued guidance.

    We're also celebrating the launch with an exclusive, one-time offer to help you build or update your immigration law library and prepare for learning on AILA University.

    We'll send you complimentary copies of the Immigration & Nationality Act (INA) and Immigration Regulations (CFR) when you purchase a copy of Kurzban's Immigration Law Sourcebook.

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    Learn More About AILA's Online Courses

    Now Available for Registration:

    AILA PERM Online Course

    The AILA PERM Online Course provides an intermediate-level resource for PERM practitioners to help them navigate the common and less-common issues which can arise in PERM practice. This self-paced course provides over 15 hours of course content from your first client meeting through the next steps after receiving a decision. Course modules include:

    • Is PERM Appropriate for Your Client?
    • Job Description and Requirements
    • Beneficiary's Qualifications and Prevailing Wage Determination
    • Recruitment
    • Filing
    • Audit
    • Post-Decision Issues

    The course includes handy templates, checklists, and sample documents that you can use in your own practice. Expect an interactive experience, with instructional videos, hands-on exercises, hypothetical clients, discussions, articles and practice advisories, quizzes, and tests at the end of each module.

    Register for the AILA PERM Online Course today!

    AILA Fundamentals Online Course

    The AILA Fundamentals of Immigration Law Online Course is a self-paced CLE which provides over 20 hours of content from expert immigration attorneys. The course is designed for new immigration attorneys, with a combined focus on the law itself as well as practice skills.

    The modules cover every aspect of immigration law and practice, including:

    • The Basics of Immigration Law
    • Ethics
    • Client Management
    • Law Office Management
    • Humanitarian and Asylum
    • Family Immigration
    • Common Nonimmigrant Visas
    • Employment-Based Permanent Residence
    • Adjustment of Status and Consular Processing
    • Removal and Relief
    • Citizenship and Naturalization

    Information is provided via a rich mixture of formats: video instruction, articles and practice advisories, sample forms and letters, and quick-reference resources such as charts, checklists, or templates. The course includes interactive elements such as discussion questions, exercises for hands-on practice, quizzes, and tests at the end of each module.

    Purchase the AILA Fundamentals of Immigration Law Online Course today!

    AILA Paralegals Online Course

    The AILA Paralegals Online Course is geared towards giving your paralegal or office staff the knowledge and skills to become an effective member of your legal team. This on-demand, self-paced course features over 20 hours of content for beginner-to-intermediate paralegals, combining a focus on the law itself as well as paralegal practice skills. It's designed specifically for immigration law paralegals, and available only to the staff of AILA members.

    The modules cover every aspect of immigration law, including:

    • The Basics of Immigration Law
    • Ethics and Professionalism
    • Research Skills
    • Humanitarian and Asylum
    • Family Immigration
    • Common Nonimmigrant Visas
    • Employment-Based Permanent Residence
    • Adjustment of Status and Consular Processing
    • Removal and Relief
    • Citizenship and Naturalization
    • Client Management
    AILA Paralegals Online Course

    Each module includes a mix of videos, readings, discussion topics, and multiple-choice quizzes and tests for an engaging experience that will help your paralegal master the material. Additionally, participants will receive a certification of completion at the end of the course.

    Get your law office staff up to speed today with this exciting new course!

    Spanish for Lawyers

    Spanish for Lawyers

    AILA has partnered with American University Washington College of Law to provide a discount on the Spanish for Lawyers Online Course to AILA members, law student members, and international associates. This online course for immigration and criminal law practitioners is created to improve legal Spanish speaking and writing skills.

    Registration is now open for the Spring 2020 online course. It will run from February 17 to April 17, 2020, with a weekly commitment of 5 to 10 hours coursework (synchronous and asynchronous) during 10 weeks. View the announcement for the course here.

    When enrollment is active, you may register for the course at

    The general registration fee is $1,100 for the online course. AILA members, law student members, and international associates receive a 25% discount.



    Spanish for Lawyers at American University Washington College of Law introduces lawyers, legal professionals, and law students with a high-intermediate to advanced level of Spanish speaking skills to legal Spanish concepts and cross-cultural communication in the context of U.S. Criminal Law and U.S. Immigration Law. Through lectures, written assignments, and oral exercises, participants will practice a wide array of legal Spanish skills ranging from legal reading and writing strategies to oral presentation of substantive legal issues. The courses will be taught in Spanish.


    With the aim of preparing participants for real world situations such as client meetings and conference calls, Spanish for Lawyers incorporates exercises that focus on listening and speaking skills. Participants will give presentations and will engage in discussions and attorney-client meeting simulations.


    Participants must be practicing lawyers, legal professionals, or law students with a high-intermediate to advanced level of Spanish proficiency. Participants are expected to actively participate in class exercises and complete homework assignments.


    If you are not sure that you have a high-intermediate to advanced level of Spanish proficiency, please feel free to take this PLACEMENT TEST. Please download the test or print it out and send the filled-out test to the course coordinator, Bjorn Arp, at The program administrators will review your answers and inform you of your score. If you score 70% and above, you can feel comfortable taking the course!


    The instructors of Spanish for Lawyers are Spanish and Latin American lawyers and teachers who have experience with international students.


    If you have any questions about the program, please contact the Coordinator, Bjorn Arp, at (202) 274-4346 or

    AILA University is not an accredited postsecondary education institution. AILA University is the online platform used by AILA, a national bar association and not-for-profit organization, to provide video learning and professional development resources to its members. AILA University resources are intended to enhance the professional development and advancement of members and do not confer degree credit nor award a degree, diploma, or certificate (except for a certificate of completion).