EOIR Releases Updated Guidance on Use of Electronic Devices in EOIR Space

EOIR released PM 19-10 providing EOIR's security directive and policy for public use of electronic devices in EOIR space. This directive replaces the previous EOIR Security Directive on this topic and is effective as of 3/20/19.

Memo states that:

"Attorneys or representatives of record and attorneys from the Department of Homeland Security representing the government in proceedings before EOIR will be permitted to use electronic devices in EOIR courtrooms for the limited purpose of conducting immediately relevant court and business related activities (e.g. scheduling). Electronic devices must be turned off in the courtroom when not in use for authorized purposes, and must be sent to silent/vibrate mode when being used for authorized purposes in the courtroom. Again, these devices may not be used to make audio or video recordings, or capture still images/photographs of any kind, in any EOIR space, to include the courtrooms. Where the Immigration Judge (IJ), Board Member, or Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) may determine that business-related usage of an otherwise authorized electronic device poses a disruption to ongoing proceedings in the courtroom, continued usage of the device may be prohibited at the discretion of the IJ, Board Member, or ALJ."

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Cite as AILA Doc. No. 19032234.

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