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AILA Welcomes Planned Lift of Travel Restrictions at Land Border Points of Entry

10/13/21 AILA Doc. No. 21101309. Admissions & Border

Washington, DC - The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) welcomed the announcement that U.S. land border and ferry crossing points of entry would reopen to travelers who are fully vaccinated, in addition to all air travelers, next month. AILA continues to urge the White House to lift the “Title 42” order, a policy of the previous administration that has essentially cut off access to asylum for thousands of vulnerable migrants seeking to enter from Mexico, which this administration has indicated will remain in place.

AILA President Allen Orr stated, "AILA has urged the Biden administration to lift these restrictions for months and it is welcome news that come early November we will see these changes in action. Businesses, families, and communities have suffered from the points of entry being closed. Cross-border travel is a key part of how we will build back from the pandemic's impact."

AILA Director of Government Relations Sharvari Dalal-Dheini added, "This was one of many recommendations we gave the administration for concrete changes that would allow our country to reopen and ensure the immigration system contributes to economic and social prosperity. As the administration implements this decision, we urge it to ensure that mechanisms are in place for all individuals who do not have ready access to approved vaccines to travel to the United States safely and revisit its decision on Title 42 restrictions. Our country needs solutions that are science-based and equitable for all individuals."