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AILA President Allen Orr Celebrates National Pro Bono Week with RFK Human Rights Award Winner Guerline Jozef and Urges Continued Efforts to Help Haiti

10/27/21 AILA Doc. No. 21102712.

“Today, I am celebrating National Pro Bono Week in California as advocates and allies come together to recognize the immense contributions of Haitian Bridge Alliance’s Guerline Jozef, who today received the prestigious 2021 Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award. Pro bono work is a gift of time and legal expertise to benefit another, it is done with a giving spirit and often requires an advocate to find reserves of courage and strength. Guerline Jozef is a leader and activist who has focused on holding governments to account and ensuring a more just outcome for all immigrants, especially Black immigrants. She is an inspiration during this week focused on helping others, and I am honored that she has shared her compassionate leadership and commitment with AILA so that we can stand in solidarity with her and continue our efforts to help right the wrongs perpetrated against vulnerable asylum seekers.”

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