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4/30/19 AILA Doc. No. 99900706.
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CMB Regional Centers is one of the oldest active regional centers in the EB-5 industry with over twenty years of experience. CMB has over 5,300 investors from 96 countries, representing over $2.8 billion in EB-5 investment funds within 68 partnerships. To date, CMB’s investors have seen over 4,700 I-526 approvals, over 1,100 I-829 approvals, repayment of over $900 million by CMB borrowers, and a return of capital to investors in 14 CMB EB-5 partnerships.

CMB is recognized as a pioneer in the EB-5 industry. CMB was the first regional center to rely solely upon indirect and induced job creation, and was the first to introduce the loan model. Additionally, in 2014 CMB commissioned independent third-party audits of all CMB EB-5 partnership financials according to GAAP and audits of CMB’s track record (I-526 and I-829 approvals). CMB has commissioned the same audits in each year since, and will continue to do so going forward, thereby setting a standard in transparency for the EB-5 industry. Over the years, the EB-5 industry has continued to evolve and many of CMB’s methodologies that it pioneered have become widely used throughout the industry.


CMB Regional Centers