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California Service Center Processing Time Report (8/30/02)

8/30/02 AILA Doc. No. 02090340.

As of 08/30/02

Petition Type   

We are currently processing cases with these Receipt Notice dates:

I-90 02/02/02
I-102 05/14/02
I-129 L 07/30/02
I-129 H1B COS/CN 04/23/02
I-129 H1 EOS 04/02/02
I-129 H2/H3 03/20/02
I-129 E 06/10/02 
I-129 R 05/02/02
I-129 F 07/11/02
I-129 O, P, Q 06/03/02
I-130 (IR) ** 09/10/01
I-130 Pref. ** 04/06/98
I-131 08/08/02
I-140 A&B E1-E2 03/27/02
I-140 C E1- 3 06/13/02
I-140 D E2 - 1 08/12/02
I-140 E E - 3 06/03/02
I-140 G EW - 3 07/09/02
I-212 Waiver Ready 12/06/00
I-612 Waiver Hold 07/01/02
I-360 Widows/Widowers 08/06/02
I-360 Religious 06/20/02
I-526 02/25/02
I-539 07/16/02
I-485 “Ready to Adjudicate” 09/01/01
I-751 03/26/02
I-765 30 Day (c)(8) Initial ONLY 06/11/02
I-765 90 Day* 05/30/02
I-817 (initial) 03/22/02
I-817 (extensions) 05/30/02
I-824 DIV I & II 03/27/02
I-824 DIV III 03/26/02
I-824 DIV IV 03/27/02
I-829 09/06/00

*      90 Day - (a)(6), (a)(13), (c)(1), (c)(2), (c)(3), (c)(4), (c)(5), (c)(6), (c)(7), (c)(8) replace/renewal
**   Report will only reflect one oldest JIT date for all I-130 Immediate Relatives and all I-130 Pref. Cases until the re-sort initiative is complete.  The re-sort will ensure that cases with visa availability are promptly adjudicated.

I-140 & I-485 dates reflect only those cases wherein a quota number is available

How to Read this Report
An application or petition with a Receipt Notice date listed above should be processed within 30 days of this notice. If the receipt date on your Receipt Notice shows an earlier date and thirty days have passed since that receipt date, please send an inquiry to fax number (949) 389-3485.  If you applied after the indicated date, we are not processing your case at this time.

Example:   Look at the top lines of your receipt.  If you filed Form I-90, and the report says that the service center is processing cases with your Receipt Notice date, you should hear from us within thirty days.

Please wait thirty days after the current processing date of your case is shown above before inquiring.

JIT for public 08/30/02