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Day One of the Biden Presidency Focuses on Key Immigration Reforms

1/20/21 AILA Doc. No. 21012042.

Washington, DC - The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) commended the Day One actions on immigration undertaken by the Biden administration.

AILA President Jennifer Minear highlighted the important executive actions taken, saying, “This Inauguration Day is unlike any other, but the Biden team got straight to work fulfilling promises on immigration. President Biden immediately reversed the xenophobic Muslim and African travel bans and promised to protect and strengthen DACA until Congress can pass legislation providing permanent status and a path to citizenship for people who have lived in this nation for years. Further, he pledged to take a hard look at Trump’s so-called ‘extreme vetting’ and the injustice it has caused our immigration system—we welcome that commitment to fairness and justice. Importantly, the new administration has pledged to chart a new direction for immigration enforcement that is fairer and more effective than the all-out deportation-only strategy of the Trump era that was highly ineffective and inhumane. The president also plans to extend and improve the processing of protection for Liberians, and we hope he continues to use his broad executive authority to protect others at risk.”

AILA Executive Director Benjamin Johnson added, “President Biden met this historic moment with action by sending a much-needed immigration bill to Congress, along with his administration’s commitment to see this legislation enacted. Failure to pass reasoned immigration reform for the past three decades has led to families being kept apart for years and businesses unable to hire job creators. The provisions in the U.S. Citizenship Act will strengthen communities, reunite families, and harness the creativity and talent of immigrants who want to be a part of the American Dream in a way that has been impossible for decades. Beyond repairing the damage done over the past four years, these executive actions and this bill, combined with longer-term changes, will ensure a brighter and better future for America. We look forward to working with the new administration to bring forth a new vision for this country’s immigration policy.”