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DOL Final Rule Implementing Vacatur of Final Rule on Computation of Prevailing Wage Levels

DOL final rule implementing the vacatur of the 1/14/21 final rule on the computation of prevailing wage levels. The rule restores the regulatory text to appear as it did before the 10/8/20 interim final rule. (86 FR 70729, 12/13/21)


Employment and Training Administration

20 CFR Parts 655 and 656

[Docket No. ETA–2020–0006]

RIN 1205–AC00

Strengthening Wage Protections for the Temporary and Permanent Employment of Certain Immigrants and Non-Immigrants in the United States, Implementation of Vacatur

AGENCY: Employment and Training Administration, Department of Labor.

ACTION: Final rule.

Cite as AILA Doc. No. 21121300.