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DOL Final Rule on Computation of Prevailing Wage Levels

DOL final rule which adopts, with changes, the interim final rule published at 85 FR 63872 amending the regulations governing permanent labor certifications and Labor Condition Applications to incorporate changes to the computation of prevailing wage levels. The rule is effective 3/15/21. (86 FR 3608, 1/14/21)

Editor’s Note: The effective date of the rule was delayed until 5/14/21 by a final rule published at 86 FR 13995 on 3/12/21, and then further delayed until 11/14/22 by a final rule published at 86 FR 26164 on 5/13/21. On 6/23/21, a district court order remanded the matter to DOL and vacated the final rule. The rule was withdrawn by a final rule published at 86 FR 70729 on 12/13/21, which implemented the vacatur.


Employment and Training Administration

20 CFR Parts 655 and 656

[DOL Docket No. ETA–2020–0006]

RIN 1205–AC00

Strengthening Wage Protections for the Temporary and Permanent Employment of Certain Aliens in the United States

ACTION: Final rule.

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