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DOL Proposes Further Delay of Final Rule on Computation of Prevailing Wage Levels

DOL proposal to further delay for 18 months the effective date and to delay for 18 months the transition date of the final rule on computation of prevailing wage levels which was published at 86 FR 3608 on 1/14/21. The effective date of the rule has already been delayed once to 5/14/21. Comments on the proposed delay will be accepted until 4/21/21.

DOL is proposing to delay the current effective date of 5/14/21, and the transition date of 7/1/21, under which adjustments to the new wage levels would begin, for a period of 18 months, or until 11/14/22 and 1/1/23, respectively. In addition, DOL proposes corresponding one-year delays for each of the remaining transition dates, which would be revised to 1/1/24, 1/1/25 and 1/1/26, respectively. (86 FR 15154, 3/22/21)


Employment and Training Administration

20 CFR Parts 655 and 656

[Docket No. ETA–2020–0006]

RIN 1205–AC00

Strengthening Wage Protections for the Temporary and Permanent Employment of Certain Immigrants and Non-Immigrants in the United States: Proposed Delay of Effective and Transition Dates

AGENCY: Employment and Training Administration, Department of Labor.

ACTION: Proposed delay of effective and transition dates; request for comments

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