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EOIR Final Rule on Appellate Procedures and Administrative Closure

12/16/20 AILA Doc. No. 20121130. Removal & Relief

EOIR final rule amending the regulations on the processing of immigration appeals, as well as amending the regulations regarding administrative closure. The final rule adopts the notice of proposed rulemaking published at 85 FR 52491 on 8/26/20 with minor changes. The rule is effective 1/15/21. (85 FR 81588, 12/16/20)


Executive Office for Immigration Review

8 CFR Parts 1003 and 1240

[Docket No. EOIR 19–0022; Dir. Order No. 05–2021]

RIN 1125–AA96

Appellate Procedures and Decisional Finality in Immigration Proceedings; Administrative Closure

AGENCY: Executive Office for Immigration Review, Department of Justice.

ACTION: Final rule.

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