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AILA: Government Ineptitude Disappoints Thousands on Visa Timing

George Tzamaras
Belle Woods

WASHINGTON, DC - The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and its members were disappointed today to learn that, due to a gross government miscalculation, many individuals and families will continue to face lengthy waits before they can submit their applications for permanent residence. The new filing dates, which translate to longer wait-times, were made public through an updated October Visa Bulletin published today.

“For people who have been patiently waiting in line and are stuck in the long visa backlogs emblematic of the U.S. legal immigration system, this is yet another huge letdown,” said Victor Nieblas Pradis, AILA President. He continued, “So many people spent time and money getting their applications ready to file and now they are told, due to government miscalculation, that they can’t file after all. This mistake affects real people: individuals who have already made important life decisions based on previously released information published by the government two weeks ago. They now, once again, face extended delays before they can get travel documents and employment authorization. In the long run, the announced changes to the visa bulletin are improvements to the system that will eventually help thousands of families and individuals to plan and get on with their futures, but in the short run this miscalculation has serious consequences. Frankly, they deserve better, and the Administration should be ashamed and embarrassed at the harm this mistake has caused,” he concluded.


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