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Much Accomplished in First 100 Days, But Biden Administration Has Much Still to Do on Immigration

4/29/21 AILA Doc. No. 21042930.
George Tzamaras
Belle Woods


Washington, DC – The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) comprehensively tracked actions and decisions by the Biden administration over its first 100 days in office. AILA offers a shareable, publicly-accessible resource charting what has been accomplished and what remains yet to be done based on recommendations made by AILA.

In November 2020, drawing upon the expertise of its national committees, AILA issued a comprehensive set of recommendations: A Vision for America as a Welcoming Nation. AILA urged the incoming president to implement reform in 12 major areas. This new resource, released today, evaluates how the Biden administration performed in AILA’s priority areas.

Readers can pull up key areas and see quickly where the administration has or has not yet acted, and whether something is in process or completed.

The 12 Key Recommendation Areas are:

  • Proclaim a Message of Welcome
  • Ensure Fairness, Efficiency, and Accountability in the Legal Immigration System
  • Restore Integrity, Fairness, and Efficiency to the Immigration Courts
  • Ensure the Fair and Humane Treatment of Migrants at the Border
  • Restore Asylum Law and Protection for Victims of Crime and Refugees
  • Guarantee Legal Assistance and Counsel
  • End Inhumane Detention
  • Set a Vision for Immigration Enforcement that is Fair, Humane, and Effective
  • Modernize CBP and Port of Entry Processing
  • Protect Undocumented People and Others with Deep Ties to America
  • Improve Employment-Based and Family-Based Immigration
  • Ensure the State Department (DOS) Is Properly Resourced to Provide Fair and Efficient Consular Processing

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