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New Public Charge Regulation Welcome, and More Welcoming

9/8/22 AILA Doc. No. 22090801. DACA, Removal & Relief
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WASHINGTON, DC — After courts across the country struck down the Trump Administration's illegal "Wealth Test", today the Biden Administration published new public charge regulations, ensuring that immigrants from all walks of life are welcomed to the United States. The new regulations codify long-standing public charge policy that are reasonable, fair, and legally sound.

AILA President Jeremy McKinney stated, “Immigrant and civil rights groups, including AILA, fought the draconian changes attempted by the Trump administration. We saw the confusion and fear that the Trump changes sowed within communities and families. These revisions take into account comments and insights shared by AILA and its members based on clients’ experiences and real-life situations. Research and anecdotal evidence showed us that the public charge regulation caused such fear among immigrants who sought to legally apply for a green card that many chose to forego health care and vital economic support. Family members eligible for assistance didn’t receive that help because of deep concern that it would mean an end to their American Dream. These changes to simplify and de-mystify the rule will truly change lives across our nation.”

Jorge Loweree, Managing Director of Programs for the American Immigration Council stated, “Immigrants throughout this country’s history have come here with nothing more than the change in their pocket and built families, legacies, and business empires. The previous administration sought to weaponize a loophole in the history of the public charge laws. We applaud today’s announcement which is an important step in helping us create a more functional immigration system. The United States does best when it takes advantage of the talents of immigrants from all walks of life, not just the privileged. Stigmatizing newly-arriving immigrants for having low incomes ignores the evidence that immigrants need time to establish their roots in this country. The data is clear that immigrants are a net benefit to this country, even if they start from the bottom and work their way up."