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Oklahoma DMV Fact Sheet

9/14/18 AILA Doc. No. 18091838.
The information below has not been recently updated. Please check directly with the state DMV or with AILA chapter liaisons to confirm its accuracy.

Immigration-related DMV information for the state of Oklahoma.

Name of Agency that Grants Driver's Licenses

Department of Public Safety (DPS)

Current Link to Lawful Presence Requirements


How long may a visitor (or new resident) drive in this state/territory using a valid license from another jurisdiction?

There is not a set, published requirement; though Oklahoma credential holders are required to update address within 10 days of any move.

Does this state/territory issue a driver's license that does not require proof of lawful presence? If yes, provide link to requirements.


Does this state/territory provide non-driver's license Identification documents, such as state IDs? If yes, please provide link to requirements.


Does this state/territory require a Social Security Number for driver's license or ID issuance?


Is this state/territory REAL ID Compliant or in period of extension?


Are non-US citizens eligible for commercial driver's licenses ("CDLs") in this state/territory? If yes, please provide a link to the requirements.


How is driver's license validity determined for temporary visitors including green card applicants, visitors, students and non-immigrant workers on valid visas?

The Oklahoma DPS will issue a license to an alien for a period of time that corresponds to the validity of the document which demonstrates legal presence. In the event the documentation demonstrating legal presence is valid for a period of more than 4 years, the license will be valid for 4 years.

Does the state provide a driver's license extension based on receipt notices?

  1. F-1 students in a period of "cap gap" stay: No
  2. Non-immigrants with timely filed petitions for extension of stay or change of status: No
  3. Applicants with pending AOS (prior to issuance of EAD) No

Does the state/territory issue driver's licenses to DACA grantees?


Preferred Contact Information for Troubleshooting Tough Cases

DPS Main Information Line:(405) 425-2424
Commercial Driver License (CDL) Help Desk: (405) 425-2020
Legal Division: (405) 425-2148
Records Management: (405) 425-2262

Words of Wisdom

If a tag agency (local issuing office) does not issue a DL in accordance with published guidance, visit the main office located at 3600 North Martin Luther King Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73111.