Matter of A-B- : Case Updates, Current Trends, and Suggested Strategies

On June 11, 2018, former Attorney General Sessions issued a precedential opinion in Matter of A-B- overruling the Matter of A-R-C-G- landmark decision by the Board of Immigration Appeals, which had recognized that domestic violence survivors may be eligible for asylum protection. This case yielded new policies and practices by immigration agencies and adjudicators, as well as federal court litigation.

Watch this free webinar, provided by AILA National's Asylum Committee, in collaboration with the Immigration Justice Campaign, as expert practitioners discuss the Matter of A-B-, trends at all levels of adjudication, and legal arguments and strategies that practitioners need to continue winning asylum for their clients in a post-A-B-world.


  • Status of Matter of A-B-, Grace v. Whitaker, and other related litigation
  • Current trends in credible and reasonable fear interviews, asylum interviews, immigration court, and beyond
  • Post-Matter of A-B- case law overview
  • Suggested strategies for all levels of adjudication


Dree Collopy, Benach Collopy LLP and Author, AILA's Asylum Primer, Washington, DC

Eunice Lee, Center for Gender and Refugee Studies, San Francisco, CA

Ashley Huebner, National Immigrant Justice Center, Chicago, IL

Victoria Neilson, Catholic Legal Immigration Network, New York, NY

Charles Shane Ellison, Justice for Our Neighbors, Omaha, NE

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