Immigration law is an integral part of America’s past, present, and future.

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We believe that immigration law is an integral part of America’s past, present and future. We also know that immigration law is complicated. Here you’ll find experts writing in an accessible way about immigration issues, from big, broad ideas down to specific cases. Our members bring knowledge they’ve gleaned from the daily practice of immigration law to this space and offer their expertise to readers.

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Our Immigration Laws Were Last Updated Before the Internet Was a Thing

AILA Media Advocacy Committee Member Tammy Lin of San Diego reflects on the last major reforms made to U.S. immigration laws by Congress and why we “can and should push for updating our immigration system now with this new administration.“

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Top AILA Videos and Blog Posts of 2020

This blog post highlights the most-read blog posts and most-watched videos AILA published and produced in 2020 - take a look, learn something new, and see you in 2021!


Trump Pardons Border Patrol Agents Bringing A Familiar Pain for Our Border Communities

Andrew Nietor, chair of AILA's Southern Border Taskforce, shares insights into President Trump's recent pardon of former Border Patrol agents and the harmful impact of this and other actions by his administration on border communities.


Hopes for 2021 and the New Administration

Several members of the AILA Media Advocacy Committee shared their hopes for the incoming administration and what next year may bring, including changes both large and small to make our immigration system more fair and just.


A “Wish List” on Immigration

The Lady Immigration Lawyers of Minnesota celebrated the season with their own rendition of “All I Want for Christmas is You“ this year and shared some of their wishes in this blog post for Think Immigration.


Digital Evidence in the Immigration Law Context

AILA member Gabriela Pinto Vega and coauthor Andrew Wellisch share insights in these two videos about their article on digital evidence featured in the AILA Law Journal Fall 2020 edition, transcripts follow.


Why I Do Federal Court Immigration Litigation: A Short Elegy

AILA member Brad Banias reflects on why he began focusing on federal court litigation and the case that started him down that path, highlighting the tremendous impact of Judge G. Ross Anderson who recently passed away


An Immigrant’s Reflection on the 2020 Election Results

AILA member Paschal O. Nwokocha shares his insights as an immigrant and immigration attorney about the work to be done post-election and how we all can work together to ensure that “America is once more open to the world.“


The Burden of Proof for Revoking Spousal Petitions

AILA Law Journal article author Nathan Chan shares some insights into his recent article on marriage bona fides answering some questions from AILA Editorial Director Danielle Polen.


Some Experiences as a Black Female Immigration Attorney

Part of the Diversity and Inclusion Blog Post Series In 1998, I moved to Mississippi from my hometown of Detroit, Michigan to work as a reference librarian at the Mississippi College School of Law in Jackson.  I had always had one foot in the law and one foot outside it.  In 1997, I earned a […


YOU Can Do Something about Trump’s Illegal H-1B Changes

AILA Media Advocacy Committee member, and expert on business immigration, Sandra Feist highlights the problems with the recent H-1B salary level rule and urges attorneys and members of the public to take action and submit a comment before the comment period closes Dec 2.


How You Can Fight the Wrongful Deportation of Cameroonian Asylum Seekers

In this blog post, Director of the Immigration Justice Campaign Karen Lucas highlights the harm faced by Cameroonian asylum seekers who are being wrongfully deported by ICE and urges the public to take action to draw attention to this injustice.

11/20/20 Asylum

Big-Picture, Clean-Slate Immigration Reforms for the Biden-Harris Administration

AILA members Angelo A. Paparelli and Stephen Yale-Loehr offer some insights and ideas for the incoming Biden-Harris administration on actions that would make the immigration system more transparent, efficient, and welcoming.


Thinking Creatively about Using the Hague Convention to Combat Family Separation

AILA Law Journal author Sarah Diaz shares in a short video a bit about the process of writing for the Law Journal, the topic she chose, and how AILA members and others can use the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction to help children separated from their parents.


The Biden Administration Needs to Add Digital Modernization into Its Immigration Plans

AILA Board of Governors Member Greg Siskind highlights how the Biden-Harris administration should implement digital modernization of immigration filings, as well as a plea to make sure that attorneys and stakeholders be part of the testing of any new process.


Resilience Among LGBTQ+ Immigrants

AILA Law Journal author Sarah Houston is interviewed by AILA Editorial Director Danielle Polen for the blog, sharing how she became an advocate for LGBTQ+ asylum seekers and how transgender women and men in particular face a hidden epidemic of physical and psychological abuse.

11/13/20 Asylum

When State Marijuana Acceptance and Immigration Law Collide

AILA Editorial Director Danielle Polen interviewed Kaelyn Mostafa, author of an article in the Fall 2020 edition of the AILA Law Journal entitled “The Effect of States' Legalization of Marijuana on Good Moral Character and Eligibility for U.S. Citizenship“ to learn more about her process and t

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Election Day 2020 Is Here

In this post, adapted from a message to the AILA Board of Governors on November 3, 2020, AILA President Jennifer Minear reflects on what today's election means, and noted, “Together, we will get through this day and all the days to come, and I firmly believe that we will emerge stronger than ever.&#


So, You Have a Law Firm. Here’s What I’ve Learned Seven Months into the Pandemic

AILA Member and practice management expert Ruby Powers highlights seven key tips she has gleaned from running a practice during the pandemic and shares that hard-won wisdom in this blog post to help you make it through.


Remote Pro Bono Work in the Midst of a Pandemic

Jacqueline Shi, AILA member and member of the AILA National Pro Bono Committee, shares how attorneys continue to provide pro bono services to vulnerable immigrant communities during the pandemic by using technology and innovation.


Voting Feels Different This Year but is More Important than Ever

AILA Board of Governors member Ally Bolour shares his personal story of naturalization and why he feels the obligation to vote and encourage others to vote as well, including his 98-year-old father who will vote for the first time ever!


Bending the Curve – Getting Out the New Citizen Vote

AILA President Jennifer Minear shares how she is working to ensure her new citizen clients are ready to vote, writing “I'm not telling my clients how to vote, but I am making darn sure they remember the capacity they have to reshape their future, to decide who will have the power…to effect cha


Honoring Latinx Heritage and Its Champions

During National Hispanic Heritage Month, AILA Diversity & Inclusion Committee Member Magaly Rojas Cheng shares her family's story along with key data about the contributions of the Latinx community to our shared prosperity.


The Green Card Process Through the Lens of a DMV Visit

AILA member Peter Choi shares an analogy that he has found makes explaining the green card process to clients easier by comparing it to a visit to the Department of Motor Vehicles with various queues and required paperwork.


Searching for Hope Among the Ruins of Our Asylum System

Dree Collopy, chair of AILA's upcoming Virtual Asylum Conference highlights some of the changes impacting asylum that have come recently and what will be covered by the conference, noting that while this is a tough fight to keep up, “We can lift each other up, help each other succeed, and save our c

9/1/20 Asylum