Immigration law is an integral part of America’s past, present, and future.

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We believe that immigration law is an integral part of America’s past, present and future. We also know that immigration law is complicated. Here you’ll find experts writing in an accessible way about immigration issues, from big, broad ideas down to specific cases. Our members bring knowledge they’ve gleaned from the daily practice of immigration law to this space and offer their expertise to readers.

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Potential Game-Changer Cases for Immigration Law at SCOTUS

AILA Members and litigation experts Brian Green and Stephen Yale-Loehr describe three SCOTUS cases that could have significant implications for the practice of immigration law; the legitimacy of the current U.S. immigration court system could be undermined depending on the rulings.


White House EAD Sprint Gives Immigrants in Need a Chance to Earn Their Dignity

NYC Chapter Chair Kushal Patel describes the whirlwind effort bringing together the White House, local government, non-profits, and volunteers to conduct a two-week EAD clinic in New York City to help migrants in shelters apply for work permits.


Welcome to Your Guide to PERM

Alexander Dgebuadze, longtime editor and author for AILA's Guide to PERM Labor Certification, offers insights into how things have changed over the years and what the latest PERM updates mean for you and your clients.

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Celebrating All of Our Members This Pro Bono Week!

AILA Pro Bono Committee Member Jena Decker-Xu reflects on the importance of pro bono, using the AC pro bono clinic as one example of how “By using your legal expertise, and giving of your time, you can literally save lives, keep families together, help someone become eligible to vote, and so much mo


Decoding Administrative Processing Delays

Dominique Pando Bucci gives some insights into what the “administrative processing“ term means for those in the queue at the Department of State; a webinar on October 12, 2023 will dive into the issue further for interested AILA members.


The Mysteries of PERM, Explained

AILA member Vincent Lau describes the importance of knowing the history and context of the PERM process as practitioners become familiar with using the new ETA Form 9089.


Information Overload: A Ride Aboard the USCIS Processing Times Roller Coaster

AILA Policy Associate Paul Stern describes the rollercoaster clients and attorneys find themselves on as they try to determine where their application stands given crisis-level delays and backlogs at USCIS.


The Welcoming Spirit

AILA invited members to share stories of welcome with us as the past two years have brought opportunities to help people, as they come to the U.S. through various ways. AILA members and their communities have opened their arms and hearts to people; this blog post includes several short examples.


Citizenship Matters

AILA New England Chapter Community Based Organizations Committee member Lara Wagner explains the importance, rights, and responsibilities of citizenship and describes a recent Citizenship Day event where chapter members offered legal expertise to help people take the final steps to citizenship.


Priority Dates, Dates for Filing, and Final Action Dates: An Intro to the Visa Bulletin for Adjustment of Status Applicants

In this blog post, AILA member Peter Choi offers a helpful primer for adjustment of status applicants as they attempt to decipher the Visa Bulletin.


And the DREAMers Dream On

AILA member Vaman Kidambi highlights the limbo that DREAMers are still stuck in and urges immigration attorneys to advocate for fairer and more humane immigration laws and policies, writing that immigrants bring “a rich diversity of culture, identity and togetherness“ that benefits us all.

9/6/23 DACA

Find a Unicorn, Slay a Dragon: The Categorical Approach, Circa 2023

Michael Vastine describes how he has deployed the “‘categorical approach' challenging many settled notions about what crimes should have immigration consequences“ and previews the upcoming Fall Conference track where “experts will summarize the dominant lines of cases from each Court of Appeal


Recent Child Labor Violations Highlight Need for Critical Labor Reforms

In this blog post, AILA member Shelly Anand and co-author Audrey Moor describe how and why current labor laws fail to protect child workers and urge immigrant rights' advocates and labor law reform advocates to work together to pass legislative reforms that will ensure clear and lasting protections.


Afghanistan – Two Years Later, an Immigration Attorney Reflects

AILA member Mariam Atash reflects on the two years since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and urges everyone to take action and advocate for passage of the Afghan Adjustment Act to protect the many still waiting for safety.


Quick Member Survey Aims to Highlight Some Key Issues Hampering Immigration Courts 

AILA Policy and Practice Counsel ManoLasya Perepa urges AILA members to fill out a quick survey to help us better understand EOIR's specialized dockets; the information will help determine whether policies are helping address the backlog while upholding due process.


Immigration Reform Can Protect Our “Golden Years” from the “Silver Tsunami”

As America's population ages and the economy faces the “Silver Tsunami,“ AILA member Aaron Kochenderfer reflects on immigration reform that could help offset coming workforce challenges and help ensure our “Golden Years“ are prosperous.


How I Spent My Summer Vacation (or the Economic Impact of Immigrants)

AILA Media Advo Committee Member Anthony Pawelski shares some key insights into the economic benefits of immigrants in New England states, and how the data shows how our “nation immensely benefit from our immigrant population“ using data from the American Immigration Council's Map the Impact t

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A New Way to Offer Immigration Law Expertise to Service Members

Margaret Stock describes the immigration concerns facing many service members and how the new Morgan Lewis Military Immigration Fellow Joanna Kloet will be able to offer help hand in hand with volunteer attorneys assisting via the AILA Military Assistance Program (MAP) effort.


One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Digging into the Ombudsman’s Take on the USCIS Backlog

AILA's Paul Stern digs into the recently released USCIS Ombudsman's Report which highlights continued backlogs and processing delays, urging readers to take action to help “ensure the agency has the resources needed to chart a course forward where progress is not just a promise, but a reality.“


The Immigration and Nationality Act’s Lost Appellate Rights Warnings

AILA Law Journal author Christopher Boom shares some insights into his recent article, noting that “Taking away appellate rights from noncitizens for not going to their hearings without warning them of this possibility first“ is unjust and contrary to the will of Congress.

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State Courts Affect Applications for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

AILA Law Journal author Madelyn Cox-Guerra shares a bit about her recent article which focused on state court treatment of families as it relates to children seeking Special Immigrant Juvenile Status; she hopes the article will spur more research and advocacy.


The PERM Process in the New Age of Remote Work

AILA Law Journal authors Da'Niel Rowan and Eddie Corona share some highlights from their article in the Spring 2023 edition of the journal, noting that outdated regulations aren't meeting the needs of employers and employees given the shift toward remote work.


DACA: Failure is Not an Option!

AILA Past President Victor Nieblas Pradis highlights the contributions DACA recipients have made over the last 11 years since the program's inception and why Congress cannot and must not fail to take action and protect them permanently.

6/15/23 DACA

Worksite Ambiguity in the Rise of Work from Home

AILA Law Journal author Bill Stock describes the rise in work-from-home arrangements which has “exposed the shortcomings of existing immigration regulations and the lack of specific guidance from federal agencies“ and urges change; read more about this and other issues in the Spring 2023 editi


The Unchanging H-1B Cap in a Changed Country

Adam Cohen delves into the H-1B visa program, from its inception to the latest registration process debacle, and calls on Congress and the Biden administration to improve the program and adapt it to meet the needs of the U.S. economy now, not the market of more than a generation ago.